Companion Animal Business

Waggly Tail is a condition in which a dog is wagging its tail. A waggle tail means that the dog is happy, but it may be indicate that the dog is stressed or angry. Dogs start to swing their tail when they are happy, agitated, fearful, startled, or really angry, If your dog's tail swings gently, your dog will be happy.There are many ways to express how dogs feel. Wiping your tail is only one of them. We help people who want to learn more about dog communication and how to better understand their dog and want to develop a better relationship with their dog.

We, Waggly Tail aim to be supporters that will help dogs and people live happily together.

Waggly Tail Dog School

Waggly Tail helps you build relationships and trust between dogs and people in a positive way while respecting your family and lifestyle. The services will be business trip lessons and counseling.

  • Advice for those who are considering having a dog (How to greet a dog, choice of breed, etc.)
  • Pappy Lessons for 8 ~ 18 Week-Old Puppies (Future Problematic Behavior Prevention Lessons)
  • Puppy and human relationships and socialization lessons at social venues
  • Lessons on daily needs such as being able to touch the body and taking a walk
  • Counseling about the dog's bothersome behavior
  • Initial lesson (interview) 60 min 3,300 JPY (including tax))
  • From second lesson 60 min/lesson 5,500 yen (including tax)

Lessons are organized at your house or the place where dogs spend daily life.
Lessen can be organize in online if needed.
You will be paid on the day of the lesson. (Cash, PayPay, Bank Transfer)

Transportation expenses (round trip)
  • Within 1 hour Free
  • Over 1 hour 1,100 yen (including tax)/hour

(Actual expenses for parking and paid transportation will be charged separately)

Flow of reservation

When making an appointment, please make an appointment with the consent of all your family members.

  1. Please contact from our request form of this website.
  2. Confirm the schedule of initial lesson through e-mail.
  3. Start of lessons (business trip/website)
Dissemination of dog training based on reliable scientific evidence
  • We plan and operate a study meeting (PD-TEN for people involved with dogs such as dog trainers all over Japan.
Educational activities for animal welfare
  • In the hope that there will be no training using methods that lack ethical consideration for dogs (such as violent obedience), we are conducting research activities and sending messages about canine-human symbiosis.
  • We collect and distribute information on reliable animal welfare and dog training and conduct public awareness activities.

Business permission

Type I Animal Handling Business Registration No. 2 Sakari Hosei 93 to 10
Date of registration May 22, 2020
Date of expiry May 21, 2025
Person responsible for animal handling Kaoru Ito