2022/3/25 Our corporate website is now available

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2022/3/25 Planning to hold the 1st conference of Professional Dog Trainers Education Network on 22nd April in Kanagawa

Kaoru Ito who is CEO of Renagence LLC, will be gladly be participating at the 1st conference on PD-TEN on 22nd April in Kanagawa, which is an event for dog’s specialist, is co-hosted by the Japan Dog Behaviourist Association and Renagence LLC.
Main theme of this conference is ”How to distinguish between stereotyped disorders and stereotyped behavior”.
As an expert of outcomes research, she will join the discussion on the compulsive disorders and ethology.
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2022/2/15 Research in which we are involved has been published in “Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association”

“Reliability of internet information on bite behavior of pet dogs”; J. Jpn. Vet. Med. Assoc. [Vol.75 No.2 (2002)]

2002/2/7 Research in which we are involved has been published in ”Drugs-Real World Outcomes”

“Medical Costs Associated with Insomnia Treatment with Suvorexant Monotherapy in Japan: Results from a Retrospective Cohort Study Using a Large-Scale Claims Database”; Real World Outcomes 2022 Feb 7.