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Team Member Profile

Kaoru Ito, CEO

After graduating from a university of pharmacy, she worked as a hospital pharmacist and engaged in disease awareness and medical education in the marketing department and medical affairs department of a Japanese/foreign pharmaceutical company, and health economic evaluation and outcome research in the market access department.In March 2020, he moved from Tokyo to Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, and established Renergens LLC.Sponsored a PD-TEN study meeting for dog trainers from 2022

Educational background
  • Tohoku University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (present Tohoku University of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences), Department of Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Graduate School Master’s Program of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University

  • Graduate School Doctoral Program of Pharmacy, International University of Health and Welfare

  • Research Student, Animal Behavior Laboratory, Department of Resource Science, Kitasato University

  • Clinical Pharmacist

  • Ph.D (Pharmacy)

  • Dog Trainer (PDTA)

  • Pet sitter (Certified by the Japan Pet Sitter Association)

  • Personal Information Protection Officer (Zennihon-Johogakushu-Shinkokyokai)

Kazunobu Ito, Executive Advisor

Over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical device industry, Experienced Japanese, European, US based companies as Marketing representative of Immunology, Cardiovascular, .Anesthesia, Hematology and Cancer.

Educational background
  • Graduated from Department of Pharmacy, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

  • Graduate school of Business Administration, Kobe University Graduate School

  • Pharmacist

  • Master of Business administration (MBA)

  • Second-class financial planning technician (national Certification)

  • Manager of Rental Property Management (national Certification)

  • System Administrator ? (National Certification)

  • Training certified pharmacists (Japan Pharmaceutical Training Center)

  • Affiliated Financial Planner (Japan Financial Planning Association)

  • Personal Information Protection Officer (Zennihon-Johogakushu-Shinkokyokai)